The mould makes all the difference

Precision moulds with a long service life are crucial for the production of plastic parts with process stability. Our company’s strict quality orientation therefore sees the necessity for our own in-house mouldmaking.


One of our customers in the healthcare industry had its mind set on substantial material savings. The solution we offered was based on resource-saving direct injection using a hot runner with needle valve. The result: material use cut by far more than 50 percent.

Our mould production in outline:

  • Core puller moulds (spindle and sliding split moulds)
  • Collapsible core moulds
  • Hot runner moulds
  • Multi-component moulds
  • Multi-cavity moulds
  • Gear moulds

One gearwheel engaging with the next

WEHRLE insists on making every step associated with the production of our moulds in-house – certified under ISO 9001. Using CAM systems and the latest CNC machining centres, WEHRLE continues in mould and jigmaking what began with CAD techniques and 3D Simulations in the development phase: ultimate precision with high-tech. The outcome is minimum production tolerances and a maximum of repeat accuracy for substitute and follow-up moulds – for hot runner or two-component engineering, thread forming or other precision form for mass production.

We are committed to training our own people because we know that they are aware of our requirements in terms of diligence and technical skills

Perfectly trained, perfectly equipped

We at WEHRLE are experts in key technologies involving milling, wire eroding, cavity eroding and grinding. To make highly complex precision injection moulds, we draw on our range of machinery which leaves nothing to be desired: besides modern CNC machining centres and measuring facilities, we also have fully automatic cavity erosion machining centres, planar and circular grinding machines and a die-spotting press.

Never mind the latest in technology – we won’t lose sight of the smallest of details which still require manual work

In jigmaking we provide:

  • Assembly
  • Removal
  • Monitoring

Trust is good, our Technical Centre is better

The WEHRLE Technical Centre supports our mouldmaking work not only by running in moulds and by optimising processes on sample machines, but also by carrying out mould tests, for instance in the course of mould acceptance procedures. Your volume business won’t be interrupted. Our Technical Centre is also responsible for the successful initial sampling in accordance with PPF/ PPAP, the pilot series assessment and measuring first-off-tool parts.

Only perfectly engineered moulds are taken into volume production – on schedule

Short distances for flexibility and safety

As mouldmaking and production interlock at WEHRLE, we are capable of realising new moulds within the shortest of time, helping you to substantially reduce the lead time for your products. We also handle the optimisation and the continuous advance development of your production machinery without relying on external suppliers – fast and adaptable. One more advantage: if requested, we also handle service and maintenance for your moulds to keep downtimes and adjustments times permanently to a minimum.