Precision as a principle

Precision is the passion that inspires us to continuously strive for absolute perfection. Over the years of our company’s dynamic history, we have developed a set of principles that today serve as global standards for the controlled use of water. The special sense of commitment and innovative potential of the people who work at Wehrle is demonstrated by their efforts to ensure unparalleled precision in manufacturing tools and precision parts. This results in products and services that sometimes go unnoticed, but nevertheless offer significant utility value in everyday life. With important functions that users can rely on in a number of different ways. Back in 1981, Wehrle received official certification as an accredited testing laboratory for water metering devices. Since then, the company has been authorized to perform initial EEC calibrations and calibrate systems in accordance with the German Weights and Measures Act.

Precision is the principle that fervently guides us in all our activities. Something our business associates and customers can always rely on.

Success is no coincidence

As an innovative manufacturer of a comprehensive range of flow meter products, Wehrle supplies demanding customers in the water meter industry worldwide. Wehrle is also a pioneering enterprise when it comes to manufacturing precision plastic parts and has significantly influenced the technological advancements in this field. Today, Wehrle is an innovation leader in flow meter technology and has a solid reputation in the field of tool making and injection mould construction. All Wehrle engineering and production operations are located in Germany. The company’s 270 employees are highly committed to the customer orientated development of state-of-the-art products, materials and processes designed to meet the highest quality standards.

Special skills and the courage to take new approaches are key success factors at Wehrle. This clearly benefits our industry customers and contributes to their market success.