Demanding customers, changing values, obligations to society, sensitivity to environmental issues, new technologies and increasing competition all require flexible thinking and responsible action. We accept this challenge with a sense of commitment that is an integral part of our daily work.

Social responsibility

All WEHRLE engineering and production operations are located in Germany. The company’s 250 employees and their families live in the region and are highly committed to striving for success as a team. As a responsible family-owned company, WEHRLE pays its taxes in Germany and supports a variety of social projects. As a mid-sized company with a rich tradition and strong roots in Germany’s Black Forest region, we are proud of our location and the people who are passionate about helping us achieve our goals.

Environmental responsibility

Water is essential to human life on our planet. Using it responsibly today will ensure we have a sufficient supply of good-quality water in the future. At WEHRLE, we meet this challenge by developing and distributing products that help control consumption of this precious resource. WEHRLE contributes to the responsible use of the earth’s most precious natural resource. We also ensure that our business partners working on our premises apply the same environmental standards and processes as we do. By doing so, we avoid environmental pollution. WEHRLE introduced a certified environmental management system years ago.

As an integral part of the WEHRLE quality management system, it ensures that strict environmental protection standards are enforced in all phases of the production process.