WEHRLE: About us

As a family-owned company in the fifth generation, we have always followed the simplest, but most important rule for an enterprise to be successful: our innovations are products which our customers need.

Where progress has a great tradition

We are here in the Black Forest, a mountain region which has shaped us and which is formidable and at times challenging in terms of climate. For centuries, these surroundings have strengthened our spirit of cohesion, at the same time demanding our technological and logistical far-sightedness. This may explain why we are often described as being steeped in tradition and down-to-earth by some, and outward going, cosmopolitan and highly innovative and inventive by others. WEHRLE embodies these characteristics like virtually no other company in the region: We are proud of what we have accomplished in our 170 year history. What we have created has taught us to feel responsible for our actions today. These are the driving forces for our commitment and our ability to shape the future.

Around 270 associates and 18 trainees work at our business location in Furtwangen in the Black Forest