Reliability in series

When it comes to the material selection for complex system products and components, plastic materials offer by far the biggest potential. Why not use it – with a production partner whose business principle rests on precision.

Producers of high quality household appliances often face the challenge of perfectly matching high-gloss surfaces and ergonomic and attractive operating elements. Our competence in automated two-component engineering and our many years of experience in hard-soft combinations make us the ideal partner.

Our machinery range in brief:

  • 60 injection moulding machines (approx. 20 percent for two-component technique)
  • Locking force up to 2,200 kN (closing forces ranging from 25 to 220 tonnes)
  • Shot weight up to 0.6 kg

We define every day what is possible in terms of technology

We at Wehrle have the technical equipment, the necessary expertise and the required power of innovation to guarantee you smooth, efficient and high-quality production. We have made injection-moulded plastic parts for over 65 years. We are able to finish with hot stamping, laser or pad printing. In-mould decorating/labelling and sheathing metal parts are also part of our repertoire.

We use our fully automatic measuring and testing system for large-scale production: for verification and the seamless documentation of the product quality

Uncompromising and dynamic

Our production capacities are demand-driven and flexible right up to largescale production runs. To be able to ensure maximum efficiency also at high unit quantities, our production is fully automated. From feeding in the predried material via optical quality assurance systems through to the product removal point, we rely on the latest in robotics. The Wehrle machinery range has been designed for extreme material variety and products of high complexity. Many of our 60 fully controlled injection moulding machines are firmly dedicated to the production of two-component parts. Driers and tempering units are firmly assigned to the machines. Our plants are also equipped not only for using technical plastics and heavy-duty polymers, but also for transparent and fibre-reinforced materials.

The ecological use of resources marks all our production processes. Waste avoidance and recycling are essentials for us

Production examples include:

  • Precision gearwheels
  • Housing and switch components for cars
  • Multiple part housings for hand blenders
  • Shell-type handles and drive components for razors
  • Two-component housings with bored core for ballpoint pens
  • Regulating sieves and inserts for water meters
  • Front panels with in-mould PCB for EC card readers

Doing what is feasible

“PRECISION AS PRINCIPLE” is what we at Wehrle have made our motto. For a good reason: from the first development steps through to the smallest production detail, we strictly keep to the principle of ultimate repeat accuracy. Two-component parts and precision gearwheels for different types of gears are as much part of our production portfolio as assemblies, housing, coil bodies or number rollers for measuring and control engineering.
Part weights between 0.01 and 600 grams can be realised.

We work for the automobile industry and for many other sensitive industry sectors. For reasons of discretion, we will at this point not list names or customer logos

Our product range is colourful

To be able to use the whole spectrum of specific material properties, we use virtually all heavy-duty plastics and engineering plastics: from the technical plastics such as PA, PBT, POM and ABS via PMMA, PPO, PPA, PAA, PES, PSU and PEI right through to the heavy-duty thermoplastic materials LCP, PPS and PEEK. We also process all materials in combination with the usual filling and reinforcing agents such as fibreglass, carbon fibres, glass beads, PTFE or mineral.