With power on the home straight

Our customers have high expectations when it comes to finishing and further processing of their products – especially when complex visible surfaces demand a high degree of purity and sophistication.

Permanent cost cuts were also a major concern of one of our customers operating in measurement engineering: the fully automated assembly of a complex plastic and metal device resulted in a consistently high level of quality which reduced the cost-intensive calibration expense in the final acceptance inspection to a minimum.

Our work and service at a glance:

  • Automated removal and packaging
  • Fully automated assembly with integrated process monitoring
  • Milling, lathing, drilling, punching and thread-cutting
  • Ultrasound welding
  • Planning, constructing and producing devices and fixtures for system assembly
  • Module and system assembly with integrated function test
  • Hot embossing, engraving, laser or pad printing
  • In-mould decorating/labelling) Intelligent warehouse and storage management, holding materials and parts available

Allround solutions as we see them

Inexperience in further processing can easily compromise even the best production result. To maintain a consistently high degree of quality, WEHRLE also keeps all downstream work processes inside our facility. Besides the cutting finishing of plastic components such as milling, lathing, drilling, punching and gear-cutting, various pressing processes and ultrasound welding are also part of our work. Wide-ranging assembly and mounting services, the necessary equipment for finishing, printing and treating, plus highly developed logistics solutions round off our offerings.

If requested, we will supply injection moulded parts ready assembled, with customised print and packed ready for sale

Fully automated testing and assembling

Whether partial or full assembly, the assembly of modules and systems, or a ready configured product: WEHRLE accompanies every work step with an uninterrupted chain of quality controls. In mass production, fully automated assembly stations ensure continuous process monitoring with maximum cost efficiency. We also have a central automated assembly centre which is often the perfect choice for medium-sized unit quantities. And for small series, we guarantee rapid response times through machine-oriented manual assembly which includes both an intermediate and a final inspection.

Give us a new challange

All WEHRLE products show our handwriting – but not always our name. To make sure that high quality injection moulded parts become our customers’ successful products, we stand ready to give the brands a high-grade finish: with hot embossing, engraving and laser or pad printing. At our customers’ request, we also realise in-mould decorating/labelling.

Quality for peace of mind

If requested, we ship our customers’ products packaged ready for sale. Highly evolved concepts for the automatic removal from the machine and placement in the final packaging ensure that contact and damage is ruled out. When it comes to us supplying parts for customer production, WEHRLE also scores highly with reliability and strength of service. Our intelligent warehouse and storage system guarantees timely and uncomplicated shipments – just-in-time or just-in-sequence. You can count on us: we have the necessary logistics and sufficient storage capacity to hold adequate quantities of your plastic parts in store.

A matter of course? Not everywhere: only a clean machine environment like WEHRLE’s offers the best condition for quality